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Patrick Le Baudour

if it is that important, maybe you should post a ticket on the dev site ?
As it is browser-dependant, it isn't that easy... it can probably be done, but i'd guess it would be quicker to find the option for most browsers. I've done it long ago in firefox and IE.

Not sure about javascript-based refreshing, though.

-- Patrick

Le 26/03/2016 15:02, Mallard a écrit :
...And Cobra, just like Jaws, has been around for quite a while.
Threfore, I suppose, NVDA should be able to face this issue and solve it

I really find it strange (and disappointing) that, in spite of my
bringing this up a few times, at different moments, nobody ever gave a
REAL reply.
I hope that now, with a few more people complaining about this issue, it
will be taken seriously and tackled once and for all.


Il 26/03/2016 13:20, Davy Cuppens ha scritto:
Cobra is the screen reader from <> a
German company for assistive technologies for the blind.
*From:* Gene <mailto:gsasner@...>
*Sent:* Friday, March 25, 2016 8:24 PM
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*Subject:* Re: [nvda] prevent pages from refreshing
I don't know what Cobra is. I can say that in Firefox, there is a
setting to stop the browser from refreshing. I don't know what effect
the setting has on structures such as carousels. Nor do I know if
what is going on has the same or a similar cause because I don't know
what is being described as refreshing in today's message.
If you use firefox, in the main window, press alt, then press t, wait
a moment then o.
Tab once after waiting a moment.
down arrow to advanced.
If you get stuck partway down the list, up arrow then continue down
again to get you unstuck.
Once you get to advanced, start tabbing. You will see a check box
about notifying you if Firefox is being redirected or refreshing a
page. That isn't the exact wording but it's there and my description
should allow you to kno it. Check the check box. There is no ok
button. Continue using firefox now. Or close it if you wish.
You may find that you get one such message when a page wants to do
something and nothing more during that session of working on the page.
You don't have to worry about closing such messages. They don't block
anything and will be replaced automaticaally with future messages.
As far as commercial screen-readers are concerned, while they have
features to stop refreshes, I don't know if they work in all cases. I
have found times in the past when the JAWS feature didn't work when
confronted by some kinds of page refreshes.
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*From:* Mallard <mailto:mallard@...>
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*Subject:* Re: [nvda] prevent pages from refreshing

Hello Davy,

I started this topic more than once, and even last week or ten days ago.
I was told that "I was describing a way Firefox behaves on my machine",
and that if this had been a problem for more people than myself, there
would be ah uge number of messages on this (or soemthing to that ilk).

Clearly, this is an issue that NVDA should find a way of solving, one
way or another. This constant refiesching of webpages is nnoying, and
prevents one from working correctly.

Other screen readers have a way of blocking this, so it MUST be possible.

I'd hate to have to go back to commercial screen readers because of this
issue, because more and moe web pages seem to be employing this horrible
technology (Carousels, or whatever they call them).

Thanks for beinging this up again.
Hopefully, since there are now tro of us, someone will take a minute to
look into this.

Il 25/03/2016 17:34, Davy Cuppens ha scritto:
Hi folks
Is there a way in nvda that one can prevent pages from being
constantly refreshed? In my professional sr Cobra I have a shortcut s
in virtual mode so that pags become static and focus won’t jump to the
front of it.


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