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Ron Canazzi

...and while I respect Gene for most issues, when ever he has said in the past that ribbons are easy once you get used to them, and I ask about just how to use them in Excel--he or any of the other 'get on the ball blinky' advocates of ribbons have no clue as to how to answer me. I have some basic shortcuts I have been given by those forced to use the newer Excel and Access version, but that's about it. None who use ribbons for complex suite such as Office do anything other than memorize shortcuts to achieve basic functions. Fortunately some of the older ones such as Control + S for save and alt + F, A for save as still work, but having real command of ribbons in complex programs still alludes most blind people.

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Well I'm not rising to your bait. I meerely present what is not an uncommon view amongst blind users of windows.


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What do you mean the only useable one. You mean the only one you liked because you hate ribbons. That is different than the only useable one. The later version is perfectly useable. If you are willing to use ribbons, it is just as useable as the old version.

Microsoft doesn't provide the installer for the old version any longer but the full installer for the old version is available from individuals who have it. I have it and I expect other list members have it as well.

Outlook Express in the version that has been modified to work in Windows 7 and higher works well for some people and not for others.
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I think it happens on Windows Live mail but there are a number of different
versions knocking around. To me the only usable one was the version using
old style menus, which microsoft now seems to have removed as a download and
the version is always asking to update or to go over tto the latest app. I
don't think the app in 10 has support for Usenet so I'm loathe to do that
change, and in any case Outlook express with the files that emulate the old
html etc displays of xp seems to owork well and I do not begrudge the 20 Eu
it costs for three keys at all as the guy is very helpful.
This will do me for years unless nobody does pop3 email any more.

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Hi Gary,

I must admit I haven't been using the mail app much. I just had a look
found a couple of times it opened the message and I had to press NVDA+down
arrow to read, but most time (even on the same messages), it read fine.

Would love to get some more info if anyone else is experiencing this (or
not) and particularly if anyone can better pin down exactly when it does
and doesn't read automatically?



On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 6:13 AM, Gary Metzler <gmtravel@...>

Hi All,

I just updated to nvda 2017.rc1. I am using wlm as my mail client. It
used to be when I open a message I would hit the up arrow key and nvda
would start reading the message. Now, I have to hit the key for it to
the message. Also I hear the word pane is this the way it will be?
for any help.Regards, Gary kn4ox

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