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On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 09:28 am, Ron Canazzi wrote:

None who use ribbons for complex suite such as Office do anything other than memorize shortcuts to achieve basic functions.

And this is different than the menu driven system in what way, precisely?

No one has ever known exactly where to find "very seldom to almost never used" functions but did menu searches when there were menus and ribbon searches when there are ribbons to find them.

The ribbons are nothing more than a menu in different form.  It's not all that much easier to conduct an exhaustive search of a multi-level menu than it is to do the same with a ribbon control, it's just the precise "how" that's different.

How you use them in Excel is no different than how you use them in any ribbon-driven program.  Read the brief "how-to" I wrote which applies to any ribbon-controlled program in Windows.   It's impossible to get specific unless one is writing a "how-to" for a single program and even then you'll never cover all the options available in the various ribbons or menus and the multiple dialogs that each can spawn.  


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