Re: problem reading mail



           What you suggest has merit, but I cannot get the situation to recur, at least not yet.  Right now if I get into the inbox tree and move myself to an account different than the one I've been viewing that definitely deselects any message in the inbox.  But if I exit WLM 2012 and restart it again, the first thing that gets focus is a message in the inbox for the account I had focus on in the inbox tree prior to shutting it down.

            I suspect this might be an initial startup after full system shutdown or use of Restart, as opposed to doing a shutdown when Fast Startup is enabled.  I will try a bit later today to do a shutdown (as I don't have Fast Startup enabled) then see what happens if I've got NVDA fired up and then start WLM 2012.  My gut tells me that this behavior is very context specific and once that context has been changed and stays changed it won't recur until the original context presents itself again.

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        ~ Ellen Evans, soc.motss, 11/6/2004

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