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Jacques <lists4js@...>

For what its worth, if Allow skim reading in Say All is checked in the NVDA keyboard dialogue, pressing up arrow as soon as the message is opened will set read to end in motion and read the message body top to bottom, if indeed so desired. Pressing delete key, the above-mentioned procedure will read the next message body without reading the header information.


Please make sure if the above-mentioned checkbox indeed is checked, else this approach obviously wont work. If memory serves, it is unchecked by default after a clean installation. I am running the latest RC and do not experience this behaving differently compared to previous builds.



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Whether it used to work or not, that isn't documented or expected behavior.  I have no idea if this might be restored or why the behavior has changed.  Simply issue the usual read to end command when you open a message.  I don't use thunderbird and I can't comment on this behavior stopping.  But I can tell you that when I was learning something about thunderbird a number of years ago, the way I got message bodies to read efficiently, that is without the subject line being read, was to use the read to end command in whatever screen-reader I was working with.  If the read to end command is inconvenient in whatever keyboard layout you are using, you may be able to make it far more convenient by doing something like having the caps lock key be an NVDA key.


You may have to experiment to see how long to wait after opening a message before issuing the command. 



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Hi Brian,

When I used nvda 2016.4 when I opened a message I hit the up arrow key to
stop the reading of the subject line.  In rc1 this no longer works.  Thanks
for any help.

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Well I don't think that should happen at all. What happens if you use the
older version. I'd also advise against using a portable version on windows
10, it seldom works verywell.

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Subject: [nvda] problem reading mail

Hi All,

I just updated to nvda 2017.rc1.  I am using wlm as my mail client.  It used
to be when I open a message I would hit the up arrow key and nvda would
start reading the message.  Now, I have to hit the key for it to read the
message.  Also I hear the word pane is this the way it will be?  Thanks for
any help.Regards, Gary kn4ox


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