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I know this is not exactly on topic for design but it is round the same thing so bare with me.
When I had university a while now, I got into an opperating systems class.
I had to use linux on a system, I was given a distribution and told to install it.
I also had to install a copy of windows on a drive.
Ofcause access wize the stuff that was round for the course wasn't.
So I simply talked through how I would install the oses, and the lecturer installed both oses on the drive and I got the credit.
He then tried to make linux accessible but no good.
This was back before I found about grml, so I carried round my windows computer for windows stuff, and an old 100 dollar piece of crap computer I got from a company who didn't want it anymore.
It had something on it, and I had a dectalk which I had to rythmically bash to get to work right every system startup and it lasted that way for 6 months.
In another case in a programming course I almost quit because the version of pascal they were using had no accessible program to use.
By chance I remembered a place where I had found something that was an interface which was and which at the time worked.
I was then able to finnish it.
Those courses had happy endings.
In the case of windows I couldn't use it on the university system with a lot of modifications and security and the like.
I had never used vmware, and if I ever did it again, I would ask if I could run things via vmware image.

On 17/02/2017 1:40 a.m., erik burggraaf wrote:
As I understand it this is a classroom situation. The students have to
use what the professor tells them they have to use.

Adobe in general is not a friend of accessibility, no matter how much
they sponsor NVDA. I haven't used these two applications and don't know
what work has been done, but it could really go either way. Hopefully
some one comes up with good information.


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Hi there,
I used to do graphic design before I lost my sight and used both
indesign and quark.
They are both very graphical user interfaces.
I cant say that I have played with them and nvda,
But I cant imagin it very easy.
Why not use something like Microsoft word, or a word processor instead
that is not near as graphical.
Let me know if I can help any other way.

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Hi everyone,

I'm doing a journalism course and am encouraged to learn to work with
adobe in design. Has anyone tried working on it with NVDA and if it is
possible to do so?
It is used to design layouts for newspapers. Also there's quarkXPress
that we use for designing.
Do tell me if it's not appropriate for this list.




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