Significant Area Of Excel Where Ribbons simply Make No Sense and Don't Work

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I have started a new thread on this ribbon business since some have complained that the other thread had drifted away from the original intent.

Here's one big issue with ribbons and Excel.

If one wants to insert a structural element of a work book such as a row, column area or sheet, one cannot do this by navigating the ribbons. The short cut which I will describe does work, but this was given to me by someone who figured it out with sighted help.

First of all, try looking for the items under the insert portion of the ribbon. They simply aren't there. Then via experimentation and observation, you find a separate insert item under the home portion of the ribbon under general. There's a problem, if you simply navigate to the insert item, and press either enter or space bar, nothing happens. somehow if you use the shortcut alt + h, I, you do get a list of items. You can then pick the desired item and press enter and follow the prompts or whatever. If you don't know the designated shortcut sequence, you simply can't find this item and get it to work with screen readers: JAWS or NVDA.

I know I have seen this in other Microsoft programs such as Access and Power Point as well.

I'm sorry folks, using ribbons does not give full access to screen reader users in many programs as we used to have under the standard drop down or pull down menus.

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