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I agree. There do seem to be, from the sighted point of view, quite a lot of options on screen we cannot get at aas a mouse user can. Not sure if this was some deliberate act or just an oversight in design, but the alt/f4 is my preferred method. However the next snap seems to have issues sometimes with both this menu and some context menus and the nvda menu. A reboot of nvda seems to restore the menus.
Sadly nobody else could duplicate this problem and I have my suspicions that its some software I run that cocks up nvda next.
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I use the alt F-4 method of shutting down. Both alt F-4 and windows x are fast.

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In Windows 10 that don't work.

windows+X can be a good alternative.


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De: P. Otter
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hello ralf,
when you're in the desktop, press the windows key.
after that press 2 times uparrow.
you hear shutdown or something, press enter there.
now you can make the choice restart or close the computer or the sleepmode.
paul o

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Subject: [nvda] Shut Down, etc

Dear Folks,

My Windows 10 went through some kind of update and now my NVDA cannot access
the Power button for shutting down or restarting, etc. I open the Start
menu, using the Windows key, then go to Navegation, using the tab key. With
the down arrow I get down to the User Account button, but then it won’t
continue down to the Power button. Any suggestions?


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