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I think the point to make is that a command prompt window is not like any other. Its a kind of dead display, with one live edit area which is focussed normally. To read results after they are displayed you have to use the review cursor.
To be quite honest, myself I cheat and send all output from a command to a text file somewhere.
Such as pin.exe address >pinresult.txt

then I simply view the text file at my leaisure. If you want to append to it just use >> instead.
Piping is something that dates back to those days of yore of Dos and was to some extent nicked from CP/M

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That doesn't give us much to go on. What are you pressing?
You should be using the review cursor.
The keys are in the commands reference, but if you've got a numpad then
numpad 7/8/9 should read lines regardless of which layout you use.

On 2/17/2017 6:36 AM, Martin O'Sullivan wrote:

I am trying to access the windows command prompt however NVDA will just
not read it. When I try the suggestions given in this topic NVDA just
reads other windows even though I can type commands and have them executed.

Here is what I am doing
Typing cmd at the run box.
Command window comes up fine.
I can execute commands and NVDA will read the command as it is being
typed. And will read any result. However I can’t review the result.

I will hear lots of other windows being read however I just can’t read
the command prompt.

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