Re: NVDA Accessible Database Software

Jacob Kruger

Really depends on platform, database engine/format, etc. etc.

As in, what do you want to use the data for, do with it, etc.?

Ask since I am, primarily, a web application developer, working with PHP, MySQL, etc., and, for MySQL, besides working directly with the console/command line, I use the single-web-page admin interface, adminer, but, that runs against a localised dev. web server running here on my machine, either under XAMPP or WAMP web server implementations.

If you're talking about something similar to microsoft access database interface, which is accessible, then am not too sure about that side of it, but, what about something under iether oepnOffice or libreOffice?

And, haven't checked out MS Accessess myself for quite a long while, but, do at times work with excel spreadsheets?

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On 2017-02-18 12:15, Carlos wrote:
Hello All!

I know that this question has come up on list many times.

I would like to be able to create/process database files.

Is there any database software paid/free that is accessible with NVDA? I know that database software is so graphical in its nature that its controls are not accessible to screen readers! But, there has to be a way for the blind to be able to use database software for work/home purposes?

Hopefully, since the last time this question was asked someone has actually found NVDA database accessible software? Or, accessible database software that is accessible in any other screen reader?

Thank You! For all your recommendations!!!

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