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Well the current database was written as a series of visual basic macros in a Microsoft access shell.
The point is that its a talking newspaper database which allows one to ad/remove people suspend people for certain dates, holidays etc, log in pouches, and print the bar coded labels was we scan them in when they return. We also let it create a txt log file with those pouches no held locally or returned via the post and it gives a nuumber of pouches so we know how many ram sticks to be copied each week.
It has some inaccessibilinaccessible parts. Access edit areas do not speak when you cursor or delete things from them, but can be tabbed to.
At present, we do not have an up to date version of the full access package, as it seems not to be part of standard ocffice these days. Our version is 2002, but the database can run under runtimes on later machines and versions of windows but the hacked visual basic does not do printer switching correctly or at all and cannot be edited on the new machine without a full version of access.
None of us have the abiilty to work with this level of programming. I write batch files but have not really got anywhere with visual basic or python since the indentation is hard to get right for me.

The database was written in what I call a tonka toy way, so anyone can work out how to use it, ie it plays files little wavs when user action is needed and one saying ok when all is well etc. So we have this person missed last week, press enter to clear, which make the database put this into a log. It may say at the end there are 25 users not logged, press yes to process no to stop.
Ifdf you press yes then you get the missing ones one at a time which allows manual looking for that pouch at the studio as we have several for each user. Obviously if you find it and hit yes then its logged no leaves it unlogged and hence in the final log file output. at any time during any logging it can print a new label for that user so we can fix faded and torn ones, including the text and the barcode.

Yes we have a bar code font which is just a coding of the number of the person in the database. they are not stored alphabetically.

We most certainly do not need a spreadsheet this would be far too hard to do without making errors. the current system is almost impossible to screw up as it won't allow people to do things they are not allowed to do.
Bear in mind we are all volunteers with mainly no computer literacy at all.

You can if you want look anyone up by either inserting part of the surname or their number into a find box and that will show when they last returned a pouch to save looking at the log files or paper logs.

It all works very well in XP but only it seems on the one laptop type we have. an attempt to port it to another newer dell still running xp fails with no printer defined for no known reason, which means one assumes that the way the driver is activated is hardware specific or maybe the thing looks this up in a registry entry or.ini file as the original database ran on windows 98.
However this is getting a bit off topic here, and all I was after was something I might be able to program in. This database was built from one I originally wrote when I could see on an old ZX spectrum from the ground up in basic. It worked well but of course could not do bar codes etc, though most of the rest is much the same except we used noises from the sound to indicate things not little wav files.

In that case all data was held in two linked arrays of several dimensions held in a ram disk during use and saved to disc when you needed to turn off.

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Really depends on platform, database engine/format, etc. etc.

As in, what do you want to use the data for, do with it, etc.?

Ask since I am, primarily, a web application developer, working with PHP, MySQL, etc., and, for MySQL, besides working directly with the console/command line, I use the single-web-page admin interface, adminer, but, that runs against a localised dev. web server running here on my machine, either under XAMPP or WAMP web server implementations.

If you're talking about something similar to microsoft access database interface, which is accessible, then am not too sure about that side of it, but, what about something under iether oepnOffice or libreOffice?

And, haven't checked out MS Accessess myself for quite a long while, but, do at times work with excel spreadsheets?

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On 2017-02-18 12:15, Carlos wrote:
Hello All!

I know that this question has come up on list many times.

I would like to be able to create/process database files.

Is there any database software paid/free that is accessible with NVDA? I know that database software is so graphical in its nature that its controls are not accessible to screen readers! But, there has to be a way for the blind to be able to use database software for work/home purposes?

Hopefully, since the last time this question was asked someone has actually found NVDA database accessible software? Or, accessible database software that is accessible in any other screen reader?

Thank You! For all your recommendations!!!

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