Re: strange issue that I can't run down.

ken lawrence

yeah think I know that might have happened.  sound card was working could hear the moderator tell me that he had cleared me. when I hit alt plus ctrl plus delete espeak worked.  I think the kitchen game which uses sappi five voices and NVDA which is using dectalk also as a sappi five may have conflicted I had a similar issue when they were both using the same voice but not with two different voices.  I also know that at least one other member of that regular chat is using NVDA but not sure if he is using the same voice on both.  he is using a different language on the regular NVDA than what kitchen golf uses  one day we were playing and one player noticed some extra verbiage.  he has his NVDA set for spanish when he hit the space bar to make a shot the voice said Espacio will have to see if he's ever run into the same issue.  the rest of the group is using jaws so there is likely no conflict.  think what I'll try is toggle speech off in NVDA and see if it happens again.      

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