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Dan Thompson

Thank you very much for the valuable fixes.


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What kind of bullets are you using?  If I type * something on a new line, it turns the asterisk into a "bullet" and that gets announced by NVDA at all punctuation levels except "none".


If you use a - to start your list items then you need puncutation level set to "most" or "all" for it to be read (NVDA+P to cycle through the options).


Make sure you have "lists" checked in the document formatting dialog (NVDA+CONTROL+D then press l until you get to "lists").


It announces bullets as you move through list items, and when you press enter to add a new bullet point.  The only time it doesn't announce the list bullet for me is if I navigate around a document and I have a lonely bullet on its own at the end of a list.






On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 11:07 AM, Dan Thompson <dmt031073@...> wrote:

Hi all,

I was trying to teach adding of bullets on the fly and NVDA will not

Speak that there is  a bullet.

I have tried with most and all punctuation selected and the result is the same.  I also looked under “document formatting” and could find anything that would make this type of symbol be announced.

Does anyone else have this issue and if so can it be changed?

Thanks for your help.

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