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you can go to the microsoft website and use contact us and then live
chat support.

On 2/20/17, The Gamages <> wrote:

Having got sighted help, it seems that the keyboard will not move down
to the power button, two keyboards have been tried, theis used to work
for me when I first got "10, so it seems that it is a Microsoft issue,
not NVDA, having tried with Jaws the same thing is evident, the mouse
can operate the power button.

It's alright to use alt F4 etc, but this issue needs to be sorted, where
will it end otherwise? What other keystrokes will disappear in the
updates that Microsoft make? sighted people use the keyboard as well.
Does anyone know how to get in touch with Microsoft and get some
response? I could stand outside the back door and shout I suppose,

Best Regards, Jim.
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Shut Down, etc

I agree. There do seem to be, from the sighted point of view, quite a
lot of
options on screen we cannot get at aas a mouse user can. Not sure if
was some deliberate act or just an oversight in design, but the alt/f4
is my
preferred method. However the next snap seems to have issues sometimes
both this menu and some context menus and the nvda menu. A reboot of
seems to restore the menus.
Sadly nobody else could duplicate this problem and I have my suspicions
that its some software I run that cocks up nvda next.
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Shut Down, etc

I use the alt F-4 method of shutting down. Both alt F-4 and windows x

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Shut Down, etc

In Windows 10 that don't work.

windows+X can be a good alternative.


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De: P. Otter
Data: 16 de fevereiro de 2017 21:30
Assunto: Re: [nvda] Shut Down, etc

hello ralf,
when you're in the desktop, press the windows key.
after that press 2 times uparrow.
you hear shutdown or something, press enter there.
now you can make the choice restart or close the computer or the
paul o

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From: Ralph Boersema
Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2017 10:00 PM
Subject: [nvda] Shut Down, etc

Dear Folks,

My Windows 10 went through some kind of update and now my NVDA cannot
the Power button for shutting down or restarting, etc. I open the Start
menu, using the Windows key, then go to Navegation, using the tab key.
the down arrow I get down to the User Account button, but then it won’t
continue down to the Power button. Any suggestions?


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