Re: Does firefox work with windows ten?


Of course it's compatible with Windows 10. 
There is a problem with Flash crashinggg when using Firefox.  I don't know much about it but others can probably propose solutions.  Or your friend can look up the problem by doing a Google search.  She shouldn't download anything from sites that offer to correct problems but she will find discussions on reputable sites such as Bleeping Computer in the results. 
As for why one specific site doesn't work, I don't know. 

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Subject: [nvda] Does firefox work with windows ten?

Hi list: Arlene here! I have a sighted friend who’s determined to make fire fox work with her win ten computer. She will not listen to me when I tell her it does not work. This is spasifically for Canadians to try this site with win ten and firefox.

And watches the young nd the restless, she gets a message stating that adobe flash player has crashed. Does anyone know if fire fox is compatible with windows ten? thanks.


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