Re: Does firefox work with windows ten?


Okay, I’ll tell this sighted person what you said.


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I doubt it's most sites.  Many major sites use HTML 5 but a lot of sites still use only Flash.  


Anyone who cares about audio listening is cutting off their nose to spite their face by not having Flash available.  If you don't want to have the risk of being exposed to malicious Flash in advertising, tell Flash not to run or tell it to ask before running.  Increasingly, this isn't necessarty because browsers are increasingly not running Flash content such as advertising unless the user takes an action to have it run.  Of course, you need to be using a recent version of the browser.  Internet Explorer, which is becoming increasingly archaic, doesn't have this feature. 


I'm not saying that audio or audio/video material can't have malicious content but if you use reputable sites, it is unlikely.  Flash advertising has a higher chance of being malicious and it slows down loading of pages and may cause crashes.  If your browser doesn't automatically stop it from running, you may want to change the setting in the plugin.  For those who use Ad Blockers or script blockers, you are blocking Flash advertising in general except on white listed sites.



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Flash crashes a lot on firefox but firefox, google and others are
actively discouraging insecure flash though I still have it on systems
because it is still used.
Most sites like youtube use html5 now which is the new standard and
which firefox supports.

On 21/02/2017 7:23 p.m., Simon Jaeger wrote:
> Hi,
> Firstly, Firefox is actively being developed for Windows so I'm not sure
> why anyone would think it doesn't work with Windows 10. I run it myself
> and it's as stable here as it was on Windows xp. The issue seems to
> involve Adobe Flash specifically, so it's a little more complicated than
> just asking if Firefox works. I personally don't have Flash and don't
> have any intention of installing it. I have seen it crash in many places
> for many years, and there have always been problems between Flash and
> Firefox as far back as the XP days. So Firefox may work fine, and Adobe
> Flash may work perfectly for some websites, but I'm not sure what to
> suggest if your friend is hell bent on using Firefox for this particular
> site. I can tell you that it probably has very little to do with
> Firefox, and may not even be related to Windows 10. Sometimes, we just
> have to conclude that certain sites and browsers don't get along. Google
> Chrome is pretty awesome if the friend doesn't like IE.
> Simon
> On 2017-02-20 21:56, Arlene wrote:
>> Hi list: Arlene here! I have a sighted friend who’s determined to make
>> fire fox work with her win ten computer. She will not listen to me
>> when I tell her it does not work. This is spasifically for Canadians
>> to try this site with win ten and firefox.
>> <>
>> And watches the young nd the restless, she gets a message stating that
>> adobe flash player has crashed. Does anyone know if fire fox is
>> compatible with windows ten? thanks.

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