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No but there is an add on called fake clipboard announcements. Fake because it only speaks the assumed function, and in no way means that this has worked. If you want to know that there is a key sequence in nvda that speaks the contents of the clipboard.
In the old days I believe the ethos was this.
There is no way that windows actually alerts access software that any of these commands has been successful, so why should we waste verbosity saying they have been activated, when silence is no different in its meaning. My feelings are different. Why>? Well many people are not confident typists and cannot be sure what they typed so very important possible functions being spoken can be very comforting.

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Hi, I have to figure this out and don't have an nvda machine to poke around on. It never used to bother me that NVDA doesn't announce cut, copy, paste, in particular, and other functions accessible using windows standard keys, but I've got a friend who is a new user of NVDA and he needs some more feedback from keystrokes, particularly these clipboard functions. Is there a setting to enable speaking for these keys, or do I need to install an add-on for this?



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