Re: Nvda 2017.1 and Kindle for PC

Simone Dal Maso

you should visit the page where you buy the book, from the browser.
There is some detailed informations, and there you can understand if there is the "truetype" option available.
Alternatively, but I'm not sure about this, perhaps if you can view the properties of the book from the kindle app, but I can't confirm it because now I haven't the app installed on the pc.

Il 23/02/2017 12:34, Jorge Gonçalves ha scritto:
Hello, Thank you for your reply.

I have no idea where to get this page information of the book. Could you
please give me some idea?



Às 11:29 de 23/02/2017, Simone Dal Maso escreveu:
you should be sure that the book you want to read has the "truetype§"
font enabled. You can check it in the detail information page of the
Let me know if you can find this.

Il 23/02/2017 12:16, Jorge Gonçalves ha scritto:
Hi all,

I am very excited to try Nvda and Kindle. But the problem is that it's
not working for me.

I have Nvda 2017.1 and Kindle My Kindle was updated

I read the userguide chapter about it but what happens is when I open a
book, it just says border and I can't do anything about it.

Am I maybe missing something.



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