Re: LibreOffice again


hello walmir.
i completely agree with you and confirm your post.
this is the reason that i dont update nvda.
only improvements for microsoft word adn excel, microsoft edge and
none of them is for libreoffice!
i reported many bugs about my problem.
four books which i have could not be opened by libreoffice because of
crash and thanks God the developers solved them for me.
many problems using windows xp the developers also solved and i
sincerely appreciate them and pray for them.
but the problems for incompatibility like bug which i mentioned about
say all and problems for diacritics are not solved until now.

On 2/23/17, Robert Kingett <kingettr@...> wrote:
write to the accessibility team at LibreOffice. Some of them use NVDA.

we have not sent you but as a mercy to the creation.
holy quran, chapter 21, verse 107.
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