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Your discussion of the run dialog behavior doesn't match my test and it doesn't sound like expected behavior.  Type a full Internet Address, http:sitename dot com, org etc.  What you are discussing is Windows behavior and not related to NVDA.  Also, if you are mostly using the run dialog and are neglecting the start menu search and also not making shortcuts and assigning short cut commands to run applications, you are overlooking major sources of convenience, often considerably more convenient than using the run dialog. 

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Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2017 8:13 AM
Subject: [nvda] Questions and suggestions

Hi there,
I have a few comments, suggestions, questions etc.
1. Whenever I type anything into the Run dialog that has anything to do with NVDA, NVDA itself attempts to run.
This is a difficult one to comment on – that can be extremely helpful if NVDA has crashed, or you’re trying to revive your screenreader after some other mishap. However it also means I can’t enter any websites that have anything to do with NVDA in the address.
I do tend to access most things from the run dialog, as it’s a simple process of Win+R, type, enter, rather than having to browse for a program through explorer. Could this possibly be fixed so that a URL will take you to the appropriate place?
2. Profiles have a tendancy to use all settings, when you might want to keep some of the global settings active. For instance, if a profile is running and I change the audio output, as soon as that profile is deactivated the audio reverts back when chances are I want it to stay. Again, difficult to comment on, since not sure how it would be possible to have an option for any or every setting to stay global for a profile etc.
3. Even if no profiles are used, if you change the audio device, tones played by NVDA (for instance indentation, progress bars etc) don’t take this change into account until NVDA is restarted. I’m assuming this is a bug.
4. I have replaced the default NVDA sounds and would prefer it to retain my sounds after an update if at all possible. I do understand why the original sounds folder is reverted (it probably sees the sounds in its own package as being part of the upgrade, or perhaps it simply replaces every file in case of other conflicts), but perhaps a soundscheme setting or a user sounds folder could be a possibility?
5. This is perhaps the most important – NVDA seems to have a tendancy to miss labels and static texts that other screenreaders have no problems finding. I myself noticed a change in a program I used to use quite regularly when switching to NVDA a few years ago, and I’m finding more and more programs that I’m downloading or using simply saying “edit”, “list”, “button” etc without giving any indication as to what these controls are trying to tell me. This also goes for some webpages, where labels can and often are attached to the control they are referencing. Some treeviews also seem unaware of their items names, statuses etc, saying “Unknown” for every node and no indication as to whether it has subitems etc. When these kinds of things crop up I am automatically assuming that these are application-specific accessibility issues, but when I’m seeing this behaviour for multiple applications and people with other screenreaders are using them with no issues it does make me wonder if NVDA has some issues somewhere. Granted, NVDA works well with a lot of applications, but I’m wondering whether it has internal support for most of these? Does every application ideally need an app module for optimal accessibility?

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