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Confirmed! I can get to the system trey using windows B with Jaws 14 along with NVDA I’ll just have to pay a visit to the addons site.


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Just for completeness, since the same topic is in both threads, you can do this with the SysTrayList addon:






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Oh I see. I seen with other screen readers it was insert F 11. Just my 2 cents.

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Because Windows+B is the Windows specific shortcut.

On 2/23/17, Arlene <nedster66@...> wrote:
> Hi, I don’t know if I can say here! When you go to your system trey.
> Why not make future builds of NVDA be insert F 11? Instead of windows B.
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> Hi Gene,
> Hotkeys are indeed excellent. One of the first thing I look for in a
> program is hotkeys. In fact, some have so many that it’s hard to
> memorise all of them. But at least they’re there!
> The only problem I have with Windows shortcuts being linked to them is
> that, because they are global throughout the whole system, it can
> unfortunately cause conflicts with other running applications that
> utilise those shortcuts. For instance, I could assign a ctrl+alt+q
> shortcut to launch QWS (a MIDI sequencer), and another application may use ctrl+alt+q to mean quit.
> I have known ctrl+alt+o for options, ctrl+alt+x for exit, ctrl+alt+n/p
> for next/previous, all of which can be assigned to a Windows hotkey,
> and then it’s touch and go as to which item activates. Otherwise, I’m
> definitely all for hotkeys!
> As an aside, I must admit I do find it odd, and mildly frustrating
> that there are four modifier keys that can be used to register hotkeys
> and yet it is still possible to run out of logical keys! This is even
> more so for global shortcut-linked ones, since I think you can only
> have ctrl+alt and
> ctrl+shift combos. Possibly if you’re extremely dextrous you might be

> ctrl+able
> to have ctrl+shift+alt, I haven’t dared to try that one. Lol.
> First letter navigation. Now you mention it I am aware of it. I use it
> all the time to move quickly to files in Explorer. But for some reason
> it didn’t cross my mind for the desktop (even though I know that is
> also controlled by explorer). I guess because my explorer is in detail
> view, and the desktop shows as a sort of grid layout I treated them as two separate systems.
> Strange how brains work!
> Cheers.
> Damien.



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