Re: Performance degradation in current Firefox


yes I have noticed this.
sometimes its faster depending on the net.
I try to get as much stuff done in the morning as the afternoon and evening seems to be the worst time to brouse.
I have killed a few addons and such.
However nvda has crashed a lot with ff.
That doesn't mean I waill abandon it though, its better than ie and chrome I don't know if I would trust it or not.
Pluss firefox is still good for what I want.

On 27/03/2016 3:10 a.m., Felix G. wrote:
Hello list!
Is anyone else experiencing sluggish behavior in Firefox 45? Specifically,
the following occurs for me with NVDA, but may or may not be related to
NVDA of course:
- NVDA randomly repeating the Window title
- Navigation sometimes bounces back to the previously selected element if I
go too fast. When navigating very slowly this does not occur. By
navigation, I refer to the arrow keys and also to quick nav keys like h for
heading and k for link.
- Responsiveness is generally slow when arrowing around in complex web
pages like Facebook, Youtube etc.
I am suspecting NVDA is involved to some extent as the affected key
commands are interpreted by NVDA rather than by FF.
Has anyone experienced this, and found a way to recover?
Kind regards and happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it,
Felix Gr├╝tzmacher

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