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Do you hibernate your pc?
Ifound these same things after a while. The only option was to close down pull the plug or battery for a few seconds, then put it all back and do a restart. What happened? You guess is as good as mine, but it seemed to me that the offending bit of software was an old copy of Goldwave, but this could have just been coincidence. also the context menus in programs stopped working as well.
My guess was that the local copy of the registry was broken and forcing a complete restart brought in the new copy.
However if you always restart from a no power situation, it could be that the only answer is to take the computer back.

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Hi All,

I have two main issues with NVDA that are causing me trouble.

1. When I read email in outlook 2016 office 365 I get tons of blank lines
in the email. Is there a way to get rid of them?

Second: I have a machine with NVDA 17.1 on it, when I bring up the NVDA
menus they don't speak. Any ideas what I need to resolve?

Thanks so much for any input.


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