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hi ibrahim.
i also have this issue.
my laptop screen is unreadable for my family and i wish that find
solution for it.

On 2/24/17, Gene <> wrote:
At this point, it isn't clear what, if anything, was seen. the message at
one point states, there was nothing on the screen. What does that
mean--Nothing at all? The message also states that even removing NVDA
didn't cause the form to be seen. The first thing to do is to find out from
a sighted person if infrmation is displayed on screen in general. We don't
know yet but I'm rather suspicious that this problem has nothing to do with

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From: Jacob Kruger
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Could have been colouring issues, font-sizing issues, or else maybe even
webpage/browser hovering off screen's display area?

As in, fir st thing would be to maximise window, just in case, and, then
either try selecting some text in browser window, or maybe even route
mouse cursor to current navigator object, using NVDA + numpad / since
sighted person can then try moving mouse around to try find it on
screen, etc.?

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
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On 2017-02-24 15:01, Ibrahim Ajayi wrote:
Hi good people:
I'm having a problem with my system. I filled out a form some hours
ago, and the form required the typing of a captcha. When I asked for
sighted assistance, I was told that the form I filled couldn't be
found on the screen. But then the screen reader was still reading it
to me. I was told that there was nothing on the screen,. I even
switched off the screen reader, but I was still told that the form
didn't appear on the screen. But the screen reader read the form, and
I filled it out.
Has anyone ever encountered this problem before? if so, what is the
Looking forward to reading from you lovely people.
I am Ibrahim from Nigeria.

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