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Louis Maher <ljmaher@...>

Hi Brian,

I am using a Surface Pro 2 with a solid state drive, and no user-serviceable
parts that I know of.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Louis Maher
Phone: 713-444-7838

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Often both these problems occur due to a bad mains supply or loose drive
connections in the machine. The longer they are allowed to go on the more
likely the system is to become unbootable.
Hopefully fixing these issues can save a lot of problems.
Those mains cable extensions with several sockets in them are a problem
more often than not. cheap and not very well made.
However by far the most probles are for power connections to drives inside
the computer if its a desk top.
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Have you tried a disk defragment and chkdsk. I find these have fix
corrupt file issues. doesn't hurt to try.


On 2/23/2017 1:48 PM, Louis Maher wrote:

Several weeks ago, my NVDA (version 16.4) was unable to access Firefox
(51.?). When I opened a webpage, the arrow keys just said unknown when I
used them. I uninstalled NVDA and Firefox and re-installed both. I am
on NVDA 17.1), and I have the same issue.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Louis Maher
Phone: 713-444-7838

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