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I would strongly urge that when uninstalling a program, if you don't know, make sure your system restore is working properly or that you have another reversion program that is working.  While a registry reversion program is useful and can solve many problems, I don't consider it by itself to be adequate.  Reinstalling a program may solve a problem or it may not.  If not, or as an alternative, reversion may and it may at times when reinstallation may not.  I personally usually use reversion instead of reinstallation.  the program will reappear in the system.  It may not run but I didn't intend to run it anyway. 
Also, uninstalling programs you don't intend to use may be something that people want to do less of.  Programs don't take a lot of roomm in most cases and uninstallation may cause problems as is seen in this thread.  There appears to be a presumption that uninstalling is just the thing to do.  I'm saying that this should be reconsidered and that you may decide that uninstallation isn't necessarily the thing to do in some or perhaps many cases. 
As another example, I uninstalled a demo of a synthesizer awhile ago.  It caused I believe it was Eloquence to stop working in general.  So I did a system restore and solved the problem.  I just left the program on my machine.  I've heard of instances where uninstalling Office causes problems with the functioning of NVDA.  In my opinion, it's time to reconsider the reflexive uninstallation of programs and to consider being sure you have protected yourself reasonably against unanticipated consequences. 

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Hi Brian,

I hit Windows key + x, hit enter on programs and features, found MathPlayer, and used the  applications key to get the standard uninstall option.

I do not know what happens in the uninstall process; that is, I do not know what the uninstall process actually removes.

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Does it remove it or merely not remember to register it when it shoves it back after the uninstall?

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Hi Quentin,

The problem was that I had uninstalled MathPlayer, and that removed a
component NVDA uses for browsers.  Reinstalling MathPlayer restored that
unknown component, and now NVDA works with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

JAWS apparently does not use this unknown component.  Note that this unknown
component is not part of NVDA because uninstalling NVDA and reinstalling
NVDA does not fix this problem.


Louis Maher

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Hi Louis,

Someone else reported a similar thing and noted the solution for them was to
alt+tab away from Firefox and back.  It's not an ideal solution obviously,
but I'd be curious to see if that helped.  That issue is:

There's another bug for a similar thing, saying "unknown" after reading the
page title.  Often (in the case of this user), waiting a moment after that,
NVDA would go on to read the page:

Finally, another problem that can cause this if it's happening in all
browsers, is it could be a system component.  This thread has a number of

Finally, if you could get the log file to send to me that might help too.
Info on the log file available here:

Kind regards


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Several weeks ago, my NVDA (version 16.4) was unable to access Firefox
(51.?).  When I opened a webpage, the arrow keys just said unknown when I
used them.  I uninstalled NVDA and Firefox and re-installed both.  I am now
on NVDA 17.1), and I have the same issue.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Louis Maher
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