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Oh, that must have been a big scare! I'm glad you got it fixed! I'm joking! I say skype is junk! Loll!

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Well I do use it and I like it.
There is no other way to chat without skype now.
And I am used to it, the desktop interface is mostly ok.
However according to ms skype support it will be a while before they
quit using the thing.
I have heard that miranda can interface with skype, and if that is the
case if it can run without skype I may try that, and also may uuse it
The only big issue with skype is because I have so many capture devices,
vertual and real mics and sound devices sometimes skype has issues
finding the right device.
So then it will start, stop all sound and lock the system for 5 minutes
while it tries to find out.
I got really angery at this a couple weeks back and thought that I'd
just go and bash the computer or reformat it and then smash it but I
went into the settings andd what do you know?
Every input device was set on a capture device which is part of a
vertual recorder which isn't even supposed to be used and I was able to
switch it to the right device and have it stay there by default and
although I have updated it its never tried to scan again!

On 26/03/2016 4:30 p.m., Arlene wrote:
I don’t use it either. Joking! In case people use it. Skype is junk!

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Seems a bit daft to cut any form of existing system that gives more people
I hardly ever use Skype any more. Its about time that Apple released their
system so third party providors could add it to other platforms.
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Forgot what list this origionally came on but someone was talking about an
app releasefor skype and the phasing out of desktop.
I did a chat with support, who told me that they were not even planning to
release the universal just yet and don't know when that will be.
I asked them to give us a classic interface with same keyboard layout and
no ribbons weather this changes things I don't know but at least I tried.

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