Cell reporting in the Document formatting menu

Dejan Ristic

Hi to all,

It would be extremely great to have column numbers reported in a text processor when one does the left/right arrowing in a line.

Let me explain myself in some more detail.

Let's open a Word document, and type NVDA.

With the feature from the message subject, and with the left/right arrowing, it would be possible for one to find out that the letter A is placed at the forth column.

NVDA may be programmed to pronounce it as:

A: Column 4.

V: Column 2.

D: Column 3.

N: Column 1.

Spaces are not supposed to be eliminated.

It would be also great for those working with written forms.

It is possible for me to handle it in Jarte and Ted Notepad.

After I've written something, and positioned my left and/or right arrows on a letter and/or a space, I switch NVDA to the screen review mode, hit the NVDA modifier key, and then arrow down to the very bottom, so that I can hear the column number spoken. I cannot find it in Word 2007.

That's why I say that the very feature would be great when added to the Document formatting menu.

Many of us would automatically stop counting and re-counting columns in lines while arranging our written forms in the best way possible.

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