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Hello all, I think today was a good day for NVDA, it's developers, it's community, and well, modest little oll me.

I'm expecting to be hired by a company that does business to business technical support. Today, they finally brought me in for my first consultation. Six weeks ago, I registered my need for a screen reader by way of accomodation, and recommended jaws and NVDA to be tested for compatibility with the company's software. This morning, when I arrived for my consultation, I found the company had opted for NVDA.
They sited significant performance breaks over jaws, and the fact that they have python programmers on staff to handle scripting as reasons for choosing NVDA as well as the fact that I had stated a preference for using it.

This morning I demonstrated that NVDA could be successfully used with sales force, a ticketing and databasing system commonly used by telecom companies. There are some design issues with sales force that need to be worked out, but things are very close to being fully accessible out of the box. If any one has experience using sales force, It would be great to hear from you.

The people I spoke with this morning were very receptive to the openness of NVDA, and so I hope that when their implementation goes into effect, they will contribute to the NVDA community accordingly.

So, it's not perfect yet, but all in all I have had a pretty successful day thanks to NVDA.

Have fun,


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