Re: New windows not always detected


i use windows xp and dont have such problem.
i am not sure about other versions of windows.

On 2/25/17, Jacques <> wrote:
As previously reported, this scenario certainly is true for Office
applications too. I personally am hoping for an improvement in this regard
for the next release. However, I do have sympathy for the developers, since
it cannot be reproduced consistently.


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From: [] On Behalf Of Felix
Sent: Saturday, 25 February 2017 09:51
Subject: [nvda] New windows not always detected


I'd like to ask if anyone else has encountered the following:

When launching an application, for example by hitting enter on Mozilla
Firefox on the desktop, NVDA sometimes fails to detect there is a new active
window. It will not automatically say anything, and pressing NVDA+t will
still yield "Explorer" as if the desktop still had focus. However, pressing
tab clearly shows that Firefox had focus because it performs the expected
action of jumping, for example, out of the address field and into the search

For an experiment I gave it a full five minutes to see if it just takes an
awful lot of time, but no luck. So, window activation events seem under
certain conditions to be able to pass under NVDA's radar.

It might be worth noting that I noticed this not long after a reboot and the
dust might not have fully settled in terms of background tasks starting and

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