Re: Cell reporting in the Document formatting menu

Thomas Stivers


The column number can be included in the word status bar.

1. After opening Word press F6 to switch to the status bar pane. If you have other panes open you may have to press F6 more than once.

2. Press the Applications key or Shift+F10 to open the context menu for the status bar.

3. In this menu there are a number of items which can be shown or hidden by pressing enter on them.

4. Press escape once you have added and removed the status bar items you like and then Shift+F6 to get back to the open document.

While this will tell you the column number I have not found a way to get NVDA to report the horizontal position of the cursor in inches. To me this is even more important than the column number because if a line is centered its first character will still be called column 1 though it does not line up with column 1 of left aligned paragraphs or even with other centered paragraphs. Is there a way to get the horizontal position information in Word documents from NVDA?

Thanks, and hope my answer is helpful.


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