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According to a discussion I saw I believe here a number of months ago, this can't be done in Outlook.  But in Winword, which as I recall is Microsoft Word, you can use the review commands to do so.  Are you using the desktop or laptop NVDA layout?  I don't know the laptop layout.  I shall discuss the desktop layout.  It may be important to be in object review mode.  Use the command numpad insert numpad one to make sure you are in that mode.  If you hear no previous review modes or something similar, you are in that mode.  If you hear something else announced, then issue the command until you hear object review or something similar. 
Use read current word, numpad 5 to see if it reads the misspelled word.  If it doesn't, let us know.  I may be able to test this on another machine but other list members already know the command to use. 
In Outlook, people reported that the misspelled word can't be found using review no matter what is done.

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I was trying to use the spell checker in Outlook and WinWord the correction choices are being read, but when you try to manual correct an item NVDA does not read the item under the cursor.

Is there a setting that I can adjust?

Other than that, this screen reader rocks.

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