Re: Windows 10 App Essentials 17.03 released


Hi Sam,

Which version of the add-on are you running (perhaps earlier than 17.02)? If so, go to the following page:


From there, go to “stable version” link, press ENTER, and when asked to open or save, choose whatever you’d like to do then install the add-on.




From: [] On Behalf Of Sam Bushman
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2017 9:29 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Windows 10 App Essentials 17.03 released


Hi Joseph,


Can you please explain how to update again?

I feel stupid but,


menu/Preferences/Windows 10 App Essentials,


but, when I go to the preferences in nvda I don’t have an app assentials option.

If I go to tools I then hve add-ons and under that I do have app assentials installed and running.


then Update button).


I don’t see an update anywhere. When I go to the site you listed below and try to right click to save the download stable version I just get an html page.

If I try to click on it nothing happens for me.


Thanks so much in advance for the extra help.





More info can be found at:




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