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Christopher-Mark Gilland <clgilland07@...>

No no.
NVDA>Tools, not preferences>Manage Addons.
Under here, tab to the list view of your installed addons, and find app essentials. Then, from there, tab to the update button, and hit enter.
Does that make more sense?

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Hi Joseph,


Can you please explain how to update again?

I feel stupid but,


menu/Preferences/Windows 10 App Essentials,


but, when I go to the preferences in nvda I don’t have an app assentials option.

If I go to tools I then hve add-ons and under that I do have app assentials installed and running.


then Update button).


I don’t see an update anywhere. When I go to the site you listed below and try to right click to save the download stable version I just get an html page.

If I try to click on it nothing happens for me.


Thanks so much in advance for the extra help.





More info can be found at:




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