Re: Announcing immediate release of Enhanced Touch gestures add-on version 17.03

Kevin Cussick

I find nvda very bad with touch as well. I hope at some time the devs might do something with touch. I thought it was just me, but to many users seem to report that they can't work touch. I know someone will come back and say it works well with me but I have about 5 tablet devices and just can not get nvda to play well with touch I have given up.

On 25/02/2017 02:25, Christopher-Mark Gilland wrote:
I still can't get the touch gestures to work half of the time. Usually,
when I try, NVDA just goes totally haywire. This isn't a recent thing
either. As I recall, Joseph, you and I talked a while back on the phone
about this. I still to this day on my MS Surface 3 have the same
results, if not worse. Half the time flicking and double tapping doesn't
work, and anything requiring multiple fingers practically never ever works.

Yes, I do have the latest version of the addon installed, and yes, I'm
on NVDA 2017.1, but even still no improvement.

Even on my mother's HP laptop with a touch screen, I tried over there,
and again, no dice. Same oddities.

I've practically completely given up 100% on touch. Just for the record,
JAWS is doing the same thing both on my Surface as well as on my mom's
laptop. I'm usually incredibly good at picking up a touch screen device,
and within less than a day, I usually have it pretty well figured out,
so this isn't anything like me performing the gestures wrong, that I
know of.


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Hi all,

For those who are using NVDA on toushcreen computers: Enhanced Touch
Gestures add-on 17.03 is now available. This version resolves
incompatibility with NVDA 2017.1 (specifically, it now deals with
multi-monitor setups). More info can be found at:



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