Re: Announcing immediate release of Enhanced Touch gestures add-on version 17.03

Christopher-Mark Gilland <clgilland07@...>

Back in the days, I even sent a buglog to Joseph, and he couldn't seem to figure out the problem.

I'm definitely not here to play the blame game, so please please know that! Over all NVDA is just! fabulous! but this is one area that no matter what I try doing, no matter what hardware I use, I just cannot seem to get working as advertized.


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I find nvda very bad with touch as well. I hope at some time the devs
might do something with touch. I thought it was just me, but to many
users seem to report that they can't work touch. I know someone will
come back and say it works well with me but I have about 5 tablet devices and just can not get nvda to play well with touch I have given up.

On 25/02/2017 02:25, Christopher-Mark Gilland wrote:
I still can't get the touch gestures to work half of the time.
Usually, when I try, NVDA just goes totally haywire. This isn't a
recent thing either. As I recall, Joseph, you and I talked a while
back on the phone about this. I still to this day on my MS Surface 3
have the same results, if not worse. Half the time flicking and double
tapping doesn't work, and anything requiring multiple fingers practically never ever works.

Yes, I do have the latest version of the addon installed, and yes, I'm
on NVDA 2017.1, but even still no improvement.

Even on my mother's HP laptop with a touch screen, I tried over there,
and again, no dice. Same oddities.

I've practically completely given up 100% on touch. Just for the
record, JAWS is doing the same thing both on my Surface as well as on
my mom's laptop. I'm usually incredibly good at picking up a touch
screen device, and within less than a day, I usually have it pretty
well figured out, so this isn't anything like me performing the
gestures wrong, that I know of.


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gestures add-on version 17.03

Hi all,

For those who are using NVDA on toushcreen computers: Enhanced Touch
Gestures add-on 17.03 is now available. This version resolves
incompatibility with NVDA 2017.1 (specifically, it now deals with
multi-monitor setups). More info can be found at:



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