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You can try sending the text to an e-mail account.  On my phone, though Ive seldom done so, I believe I did send a text message or two as an attachment.  Or getting sighted help should allow you to solve the problem unless the text is limited in time and would time out before you got the assistance or received the message on your computer and looked at it.  You may need someone to be present when you go through the procedure.  Or there may be a disability number you can call. 
But whatever the case, by far, the likely problem is that you aren't getting adequate information from the phone message.  Though there may be other possibilities, none of them seem to make sense. 

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Hi well straight after that message was received a load of us found smtp
prompts for log on password.
 When you go to follow the links it asks if they can send you a verification
code to the mobile number they make you put in when you open the account.
this is sent. It sounds like four characters and there is an unlabelled
field on the page to enter it. It also says in the help that after doing
this you will be asked to change your password and agree to use an old
insecure email client, but I never get that far. Instead it just comes up
with an unauthorised access  message  and sends you an email with a link
back to another page to get another code again.

Its like Groundhog day.
 They seem to be deliberately suggesting that all who have not changed their
password do so but need the code to verify its really you. I can only deduce
that its either that the field is the wrong one or the code read by my dumb
phone is incomplete. Sadly the phone has no way to step through the
characters in the  message it just says fy8d or whatever its is.

Are you saying you can actually send email through  yahoo after that

I can't It still receives of course but not send.


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I'm gathering you're referring to the e-mail message from Yahoo entitled,
"REMINDER: Secure Your Yahoo Account," though given the amount of haranguing
they've been doing after the announced-years-later password breach it could
be another.

I could, and did, ignore that reminder because essentially it's a
solicitation to turn on 2-step verification which I have no desire to do
(and don't use it for accessing Gmail via Thunderbird, WLM 2012, and Outlook
2010, either, for which I use IMAP access, not POP).

I haven't gotten anything that requires a code be sent to a mobile phone,
though, as part of a verification process.

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respect in any way.

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