Re: numbers pronunciation problem

Andre Fisher

This is strange, and doesn't happen with other synths. You are right
that it doesn't happen with Narrator either.

On 2/26/17, John Sanfilippo <johnsanfilippo@...> wrote:
SAPI5 in all cases.


On 2/26/17 13:42, Andre Fisher wrote:
Which synthesizer are you using?

On 2/26/17, John Sanfilippo <johnsanfilippo@...> wrote:

I'm running NVDA 2017.1 in Windows 10 Pro. I let Windows update itself.

For a long time now I've noteced a problem with strings like the


It should say, "seventeen b twenty-six s",
but it says:
" seventeent b 2 s i x s"

I was inclined to suspect MSDavid, but when I ran Narrator the string is
properly pronounced.

John S

- JS o -

- JS o -

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