Windows 10 App Essentials confusion

Chris Mullins


I am rather confused about the update feature of W10AE.  First of all I can’t find an update button associated with the app entry for version 17.03 in the manage add-ons dialog.  I activated the help button which took me to the download page from where I downloaded the stable version 17.03A.  I then checked it appeared in the manage add-ons dialog and it was running normally.  A few moments later a dialog appeared saying there was a new update of W10AE available, would I like to install it.  I replied yes and it installed.  On checking the Manage add-ons dialog again, it showed the version as 2000225DEV was installed


I have never knowing installed any development versions, so I don’t understand why it has suddenly started doing this.  Advice appreciated.



Chris .         

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