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Because of the way add-on saves settings, you need to press Control+NvDA+C to save settings for changes to take effect (I’ll write a note about that in 17.03.1 release notes).




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Sent: Monday, February 27, 2017 7:18 AM
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This is a bug of some sort in the update feature of this app.  Any changes you make to that dialogue are not saved.  I set it to stable and next day it came up with this new version thing again and I checked and it had reverted to the dev channel.  Also, I unchecked the automatically check for updates yesterday, and this morning I again got that pesky new version available.  I checked, and sure enough, not only was the update channel set back to dev, but the check for updates box was checked once again.  Just ignore this for now and I'm sure a fix will be out soon.


On 2/27/2017 7:18 AM, Chris Mullins wrote:


I am rather confused about the update feature of W10AE.  First of all I can’t find an update button associated with the app entry for version 17.03 in the manage add-ons dialog.  I activated the help button which took me to the download page from where I downloaded the stable version 17.03A.  I then checked it appeared in the manage add-ons dialog and it was running normally.  A few moments later a dialog appeared saying there was a new update of W10AE available, would I like to install it.  I replied yes and it installed.  On checking the Manage add-ons dialog again, it showed the version as 2000225DEV was installed


I have never knowing installed any development versions, so I don’t understand why it has suddenly started doing this.  Advice appreciated.



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