Microsoft Word 2016 and navigation lag

Simon Jaeger

Hi all,

I notice that if I use the review cursor commands in Microsoft Word documents, there's about a half second lag. My arrows work fine, but my girlfriend has so much lag that navigating documents (even with just the arrow keys) is maddeningly frustrating. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this and knows of a good way to fix it. We both run pretty modern Dell laptops (hers an i5, mine an i7) and they both run very well besides that. I don't have a copy of JAWS, but hers doesn't experience the same lag with the arrow keys, so it seems to be something specific to NVDA. My guess is that a particular setting is causing this, but I'm not sure which. I've looked through document formatting settings and turned off a lot of the unneeded stuff, and also tried turning off formatting information. Suggestions are welcome.

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