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There are way too many variables in this to fairly be able to answer correctly at this point in time.
For example, What website are you using? What type file format are you using, and is that filetype supported by the website? What version of Windows are you running, and finally, this so called website you're using, is it a webmail based system, or is it just a website in general you're trying to attach a file to? You said e-mail, so I'm assuming! it's a webmail type thing.
What e-mail client are you using for this purpose?

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You are evidently using a web site to send e-mail.  You don't tell us which one.  What you are describing is not the standard way such dialogs work.  I assume that after you press the add attachment button, a dialog comes up.  If so, shift tab once or if necessary twice.  You will be in a list of folders and files as you are in My Computer.  Move back through the list with the back space.  Move forward by pressing enter on something such as a folder.  Find the file you want and press enter. 
I've almost never added an attachment using a web site but that should be all you have to do.  As I said, I've almost never done this but I believe that you will have to allow time for the attachment to upload, if it is at all large.  I haven't done this enough to know if you are notified on the page when the attachment has finished uploading. 

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Subject: [nvda] Attach to email

I'm able to use NVDA to send emails, but when I need to attach something, I need help, because I don't know how to navigate the 'upload a file' window using the keyboard. What I need to do is:


- Navigate to the address bar so I can type in the folder address, such as C:\downloads

- Navigate back to the list of files so I can search for the right file and select it for upload.


Can anyone please tell me how I can do this?


Best regards,


Jenny Uy



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