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Hi Chris

There is no such thing as  a silly question. I will respond more fully off-list if you like, but in this instance, my question refers to looking up references once you have them.

Thank you for your note about Word. I did not know this..

I shall write you with a more complete answer off-list.

Take care


On 28/02/2017 11:34, Christopher-Mark Gilland wrote:
I'd like to learn more about this.
Is this for generating the sitations, and bibliographies, or is it more for actually looking references up? I ask as, doesn't MS Word give you an option to generate sitations? I'm sorry if I'm totally off kilter here for what this is used for, if you're not using the word sitation in this context that I speak of. Honestly, I'm very very ignorant when it comes to this, but creating sitations, and siting my sources on things has always been something I've taken extremely seriously, so I figured there isn't a dumb question, so thought I'd ask.
Sorry if I'm only getting in the way with this thread. If you think my question would be more appropriate answered off list, then I'd be happy to welcome any comments that way as well.
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Thanks, and god bless.

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