Re: Question about Open office.


i tested and the result for me in libreoffice previous versions which
is old 4.4.7
i should test with 5.2.or 5.3
did you test with these new versions?
all items in in auto text are accessible except auto text menu button
as you described.
i recommend you to test new version of libreoffice.
test this version which is realy great!

hope that help and God bless you.

On 2/28/17, Nika Tsiklauri <ntsiklauri2@...> wrote:
Hi everyone! I have a question for which I couldn't find the workaround.
When I am creating a autotext in Open Office, I can't open the autotext
menu button. NVDA says:
Autotext menu button collabsed.
When I press the spacebar or enter key to expand it, nothing happens.
Even if I press tab key, I hear system beep. I need to choose from That
menu command new. Any ideas how t do this?
Thanks in advance.

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