Re: Question about Open office.

Nika Tsiklauri

Hi! Thanks for help. I tested that version and it is really great. I also have an updates about 4-th version of this software. When pressing enter on that menu buton, we should scrill down with arrow keys. NVDA doesn't reads the menus, but it moves. it depends in which context we are using that button. Sometimes there is one button, which ic open. Otherwise, When I try to create a autotext, I press autotext menu and then press down arrow once. Bingo! I am there and then pressing enter activates the item. After that, tab key is working for navigation just fine.

BTW, How to insert a symbol " in that ptorgam? When I am trying to type ", it types the left double angle brackets, but not that. I am currently copying that from notepad and then pasting it in the place where I need it. so, how can I type it?

Thanks in advance.

On 28.02.2017 19:40, nasrin khaksar wrote:
i tested and the result for me in libreoffice previous versions which
is old 4.4.7
i should test with 5.2.or 5.3
did you test with these new versions?
all items in in auto text are accessible except auto text menu button
as you described.
i recommend you to test new version of libreoffice.
test this version which is realy great!

hope that help and God bless you.

On 2/28/17, Nika Tsiklauri <> wrote:
Hi everyone! I have a question for which I couldn't find the workaround.
When I am creating a autotext in Open Office, I can't open the autotext
menu button. NVDA says:
Autotext menu button collabsed.
When I press the spacebar or enter key to expand it, nothing happens.
Even if I press tab key, I hear system beep. I need to choose from That
menu command new. Any ideas how t do this?
Thanks in advance.

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