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I have to agree for most things I just use firefox accept for youtube
and a few other things. Like audible

On 2/28/17, brian <> wrote:
Why are we stuck with only one brouser that will read progress
bars/? It looks like nvda still has some work to do to make more
brousers more accessable. I don't like firefox because it's way to
slow. Webie will alwaysbe the bestbrouser for the blind. Why is it so
hard to make brousers that read the progress bars? If we are going to
change brousers then we need to have more accessable brousers that will
do what we them to do.

Brian Sackrider

On 2/28/2017 5:36 PM, Gene wrote:
That's why I say that for many purposes other than browsing, Firefox
is a better choice. I don't want almost everything displayed as web
pages from settings to history. I don't know how it is for sighted
people, but for blind people, this is somewhat cumbersome. Also,
awhile back, Chrome stopped honoring quick browsing commands in the
settings interface which is a web page interface. Has this been
corrected? What this means is that you can't, for example, make a
change and then use the letter b to jump to the done button. You have
to tab through all the rest of the settings.
It may be that for a lot of browsing, Chrome is faster or somewhat
faster. I haven't compared, thogh I've seen a few people say it
is. But one reason I still use firefox as my main browser is to avoid
having so many interfaces be rendered as web pages.
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Once you have hit control plus J tab a time or two and you should land
on a heading that says today. This is the downloads you have done
today. The first one under this heading should be your current
download. If you arrow down a bit you will hear a line that has the
path where the download is going. This line will also have the speed
of your download. If you go down one more line you should hear the
percentage. It will be read as a normal number like 34. I don’t think
it says percent but this is the percent of your download.

Greg Wocher
On Feb 28, 2017, at 1:21 PM, brian <
<>> wrote:

I did try thatbut I did not hear any progress percentages. in ie
11 it does but not in chrome.

Brian Sackrideer

On 2/28/2017 1:18 PM, Greg Wocher wrote:
After starting the download you need to hit control plus J and this
will take you to the downloads window. In this window you can see the
progress of your downloads.

Greg Wocher
On Feb 28, 2017, at 1:10 PM, brian <
<>> wrote:

Does google chrome read progress in downloads if so how do you do
that. I am using nvda 2017.1 and I just tried to down load all things
radio podcast but it did not say the percentages I tried control j and
I also tried save as but nothing.
Brian Sackrider

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