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If you can get demos of both, I think you should try them and compare.  You don't have to be able to review the text.  You can, in various ways, have the text placed in other programs or move it there yourself so you can read it. 
This is something I would give serious attention to.  For years, Omnipage had a bug I almost never see discussed.  When scanning to pages simultaneously or pages with text In columns, Omnipage had a bug that would cause letters, words, or parts of lines to be misplaced.  I don't know if the bug has been corrected but it was in the program for years.  If it were me, I wouldn't buy a program with this bug.  I would get Fine Reader or make absolutely sure the bug was no longer in Omnipage.
Others can discuss how to read text when working with Fine Reader.  I have a very old version and what I would say may not apply any longer.  If you don't get much discussion here, you might want to discuss such qquestions on another list such as Tech Talk.  (spelling)
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Thank you for that, it gives me some confidence  to buy it.

Best Regards, Jim.
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Yes, the good thing is that it is accessible, while for example
Finereader is quite complicate because you can't review the text.

Il 03/03/2017 12:49, The Gamages ha scritto:
> Hello,
> Has anyone tried Omnipage 18 with NVDA and Windows ten?
> Any comments appreciated.
> Best Regards, Jim.


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