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I agree intel and amd have decent driver updaters.
I would get the drivers once a year, you usually don't need to update drivers exactly.
If you need to for a device chances are your main board manufacturer has an updater software mostof them do.
If you use nvidia drivers they do include extra tracking spyware which will keep you updated.
Of cause they want you to share your experience but you don't need to you just don't get full use of the program but its good.
On the odd time a driver can give you grief if its that serious you may get prompted with a direct url to get updated anyway.
I had a system I was working on, and the guy kept saying it locked up and crashed then when it came back it said something about the video card not working.
The tech this guy took itt to said that windows needed to get installed and the system reformatted because of some issue.
I looked at it though just to see howw bad it was.
Surely enough the system crashed in the middle of something and when it came up it said the video card was not working.
I went to get solutions, an alert came up saying that there was a serious issue with the video card, and the manufacturer recomended a driver and firmware update.
A direct link to the packages were listed.
I hit install they downloaded and I installed them.
Intel driver updater will not always find things if they are old but even so main board manufacturers can get out of date to.
If unsure what you have most devices use intel hardware with nvidia or amd or intel displays.
Synaptics or ms mice hardware or logitech, and via orr realtech hd audio soundcards.
A lot of drivers will update themselves and windows drivers at a pinch can be good.

On 4/03/2017 4:31 a.m., Gene wrote:
Many driver identifier programs download malware, from the little I've seen about this from comments by a tech on the list. I would find and download the driver from the manufacturer's site.

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does anybody know for driver finder and/or driver updater, which is compatible with nvda. I tested software called driver identifier, but I found, that it is totally inaccessible. I need it, because, I recently reinstalled os on one of my computers, and found, that some of components are not compatible with w10 e.g. fingerprint sensor. this computer is elitebook 8470p. As I know, simular components, which were placed to this computer, are also builtin into others, so software like driver identifier can help my to identify a latest driver for any component.


regards, J

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