Re: Can't get speech to come out of my new headset


I had this going on when upgrading my realtech with the ms drivers.
I would revert the drivers then install the latest realtech drivers they are some where juust search for hd audio codec realtech and you will find them, 2.81 was the last version I got february, so chances are it will be a 2.8x version of some kind.
Note, once you run the installer and assuming thhe drivers need to be removed you will need sighted help to complete the install and after reboot to initiate the install because sound will die.
I must say a ggood usb driverless headset is good.
I hhave a crappy old plantronics set that someone gave to me ages ago.
Its crappy and uncomfortable but I use it for sound issues simply because it will function till I get things working right.

On 4/03/2017 3:50 a.m., Travis Siegel wrote:
On my copy of windows 8.1, plugging in a headset doesn't automatically
switch input to the headphone jack. Windows pops up a dialog, and asks
me what kind of headset it is, and defaults to skullcandy headphones
even if the brand isn't. I need to choose one of the headphone options
and click the ok button (yes, click it, pressing enter doesn't work),
then the output is routed through the headphones. This user may be
experiencing something similar.

On 3/3/2017 7:46 AM, Gene wrote:
If a standard jack is being used, there are no settings. Either the
headphones work or they don't. The first thing to do is test with
other headphones or with some other way of sending a signal to
something using a patch cord and the same jack, such as to an
amplifier or tape recorder or powered speakers.
The problem may not be the jack itself, it may be a driver problem or
some other problem I may not know enough to consider but there are no
settings in such a case.
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There is only two possible scenario that could not output a sounds or
audio to your headset. First, you need to double-check the settings of
the playback to ensure that your default output device is the headset
you use. And, lastly, the headset you plug in is not properly inserted
or, there is a problem with the headset itself.

Robert Mendoza

On 3/3/2017 5:12 PM, Lino Morales wrote:
No its a standard 3 MM jack.

On 3/2/2017 11:25 PM, Alexander Masic wrote:
is it a bluetooth or usb? then you may adjust sorses manualy In nvda
you can go to settings, select syntersizer and tab one times, and in
that list you can se what you have.

Den 2017-03-03 kl. 02:58, skrev Lino Morales:
Has anyone had this problem? I can't get any speech out of my
headset. I'm V 217.1 with WIN 10 Insider build 15046.

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