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In future, when you get a new computer, make sure you know where the insert key is.  It is very important for working with NVDA.  Whenever NVDA is newly installed on a computer, insert is the only NVDA key. 
You can change the setting you want to change by working with the NVDA.ini file.  I know where it is in the portable version.  It's probably in a different place in the installed version.  If someone tells you where the NVDA.ini file is, I'll send instructions how to change the setting in the file unless someone does so first.  If you have sighted help available, finding out where the insert key is and following my previous instructions would be the fastest and easiest way to change the setting.

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Open keyboard settings with control NVDA key k.  Use either insert since you can't use the caps lock key. 
Tab until you get to use caps lock as an NVDA modifier.  It's a check box. 
Check it with the space bar.
Press enter. 
You can now use the caps lock key as an NVDA modifier. 
Now, issue the command control NVDA key c.  That will make sure the setting is saved permanently.  If you have changed settings you don't want to save, don't use that command until you have settings as you want them since all your current settings will be saved.
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Subject: [nvda] Caps lock key not working as insert key

Hi my caps lock key is not working like the insert key it did once before and then one day it just stopped and now I am not sure what to do when I press the Caps lock key with something else it just says caps on or off but it doesn't do anything else can someone please help I am using what I think is the latest version of NVDA version 17.1

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